zondag 4 oktober 2020

Fitness Champion

 We are super proud to say that Star got her Fitness Championship title

And she is the first rough collie to get awarded this title by Do More With Your Dog.

She needed to complete a list of exercises and we needed to video that, then we could send it in for assesement and after that, she passed.
We are super exited by this new title, as it is very new, so we did not have a lot of video's we could watch from other  people and their dogs

Here are the video's of Star who is now officially a Do more with your dog Fitness Champion!!!

And her pictures, the ribbon is so pretty, and if you like to get the titles yourselve got to the Canine Fitness and Tricktitles page on this website

zondag 27 september 2020

Show update!!!!! Heteren, Teteringen and Maastricht

 Finally we had some dogshows!

Last week we had the Borzoi championship show, and we showed Anna, in championclass, she gained an excellent 3 from judge ms Regina Tromp-Pruijn

One day later we had a very small outdoor clubshow

We entered Leia and Anna.

Ofcourse it was a little bit exiting doing shows in Corona time, but it went all well, everyone wearing masks and a lot of space

Leia was entered in Juniorclass and got excellent 1 BOS!!!!! And that for her first show in juniors, Anna did even better by getting excellent 1 BOB, and later on BIG2, Thanks to judge mr Jan Coppens.

Picture by Clemens Bosman

And then yesterday we had International dogshow Maastricht.

All corona proof, temperature check at the door, we all wore masks our judge a face shield. We where not allowed entering to early and we had to be out of the building after judging and a bit of shopping (If needed)
We had a few talks but not to much, we made sure our dogs where ok and be as short time as possible in the building. I do think dogshow Maastricht did a very amazing job organizing this event!

This was for Leia the first time on a big show in junior class, and as it looks now, it is possibly the last one in a big building for a long while.

Leia got Excellent 2 in junior class.
Vivien was also entered, for the first time in Veteran class, and oh my, she did a super job, she actually outmoved all the other dogs, she performed beautifull.
She got rewarden Excellent 1 Best Veteran of the Breed and has her first veteran championship point

Judge was Ms Roel van Veen-Keur.

I was so happy to be in the ring again, and so where the dogs. 

zaterdag 1 augustus 2020

Fitness with Leia day 14

The last day

I hope you liked the video's, and I hope you liked watching what we do on a normal base with our dogs.
All our collies and borzoi are doing those exercises, and not all in order, and not all to get a title, but we like being active with our dogs.
This last one is crawl tunnel,
And I made Leia crawl under 2 chairs, I encouraged her with cookies and praise 
Lots of dogs find it very weird going under something so  this can take a while before they get the hang of it.
Leia also wasn't doing this in 1 practice.

Maybe you get interested in training fitness with your dog aswell, on facebook I have my spark team
Lucky pink paws   you can go there and get more info on getting a fitness title.

It is a lot of fun, and it is really great for bonding with your dog.
I'm very proud that my furry friends are so easy with exercise and video taking.

Fitness with Leia day 13

We are almost done with all the exercises towards Do more with your dog Fitness level 1
Only 2 exercises

Today we have fitbones
I used all my low inflatables for this.
Cushions and pillows will also work.

Let your dog walk over it in a slow manner.
Put your equiptment in different patterns to make the exercise more difficult

Tomorrow is the last day............

donderdag 30 juli 2020

Fitness with Leia day 12

Walk a line of platforms.

I'm a lucky girl, because my dad made 2 platforms for me, but when I did my exercises with Star I did not have these pieces of equiptment.
So I used chairs.

Now I used 2 chairs and my 2 platforms.
Leia is not afraid to go over the platforms, but that is because we did so much exercises in the whelping box, so this was very easy to train.

I placed my platforms in a way that she needed to think on the landing, but close enough that she would not make any weird jumping, the exercise is called Walk a line of platforms, not jump.

I lured with a cookie, and she was going great.

I hope you are all still liking this and following 
see you tomorrow 

woensdag 29 juli 2020

Fitness with Leia day 11

Ladder work.

Use a regular ladder, or a fancy rainbow ladder, or cavaletti's. Even can's with brooms will do the job.
Make sure your dog goes over the rungs, in a nice even way.
As you can see, Leia needs to really lift her paws, so this works her muscless, and she has to think about where she places her feet.

Ofcourse make sure you praise your dog as he goes over the rungs.
We are almost finished with our exercises for CCF1
Tomorrow again a video 

dinsdag 28 juli 2020

Fitness with Leia day 10

This exercise is scattered sticks.

Get your cavalleti sticks, brooms, other sticks, hoops what ever you can find,
just place it on the floor, no need for a pattern.
This makes the dog think on where he needs to put his paws.

Leia thinks this is pretty easy, 

Are you checking back tomorrow?