vrijdag 1 juni 2018

Anna BISS at Dutch Borzoi club specialty show

Again a very long delay in posting to the site, Facebook is just a bit quicker with posting but I will try make a habit out of posting more often.

Now over to the great stuff, may 10th we had our anual Dutch Borzoi specialty show in the Netherlands, and we had a blast.
Anna made it Exl 1 CAC Best of Breed, Best in Show Specialty!!!! the Judge of the day was breedspecialist mr Andre vd Broek from the Netherlands.
We are extreme proud of this wonderfull achievement.
She had her best day that day, Anna was happy showing her best and it payed of big time.
A huge thanks to all involved and a huge thanks to Judge Andre vd Broek.

Picture credits go to my dad Frans, Tony Groenendijk, Ron Moerkerken, Eddy van Hoof

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