maandag 25 juni 2018

Hanzeshow and IJsselshow huge succes

Wow what an incredible weekend, 2 days showing in Zwolle.
Day 1 Lucky "Glamourace Collies Viva las Vegas" got Exl 2 Res-CAC res-CACIB
Vivien "Glamourace Collies Vivien Leigh" Exl 1 res-CAC res-CACIB
Star "Glamourace Collies Flaming Star" Exl 1 CAC CACIB BOS by judge ms Martha Kips

And day 2
Lucky excl 1 CAC CACIB Best of Breed!!!!!!!
Vivien Exl 3
Star Exl 1 res-CAC res-CACIB by judge mr Dirk Spruyt.

Saturday Brace class 4th best in show!!!!!

picture by Kynoweb


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