maandag 6 augustus 2018

Again super show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday at the Meierijshow in Den Bosch we had a blast!!!!

It was bloody bloody hot, so the show organizers took care of it to maintain the area as cool as possible, super cool swimming pools outside,  and the mainring program was a bit altered all in the benefit of the well fare of our furkids.

Our pack did great and they actually did not notice the heat alot.

Our Judge was Mr Johan Wulteputte and he rewarded Lucky with excl 1 CAC/CACIB BOS, his sister Star did even better by getting Excl 1 CAC/CACIB BOB!!!!
Grand old lady Dita did an amazing job she went on Excl 1 best veteran of the breed and later in the mainring she became best in show Veteran place 3!!!!
The mainring was judged by mr A jacques.

We are so proud of team Glamourace Collies, they did wonderfull.
Thanks again Kynoweb for the amazing pictures.

Video of Dita in the mainring are below the pictures


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