zondag 17 maart 2019

Dita Benelux Veteran Winner

We where very busy campaigning Emmy for the competition "mooiste hond van Nederland" so I didn't do an update on the website.
But in the first weekend of march we went to the Benelux Winner show in Groningen and we did super.

I entered Vivien after a long absence from the showring and she did very well by getting excellent 2 in openclass.
Dita was again in Veteranclass and she nailed it, excellent 1 and again a veteran Best of Breed.
And the titel Benelux Veteran Winner to go next to her name!!!!

Thanks Judge mr Jan Ebels to make this possible, i'm proud of my kids.

And I must not forget Emmy, she got the second place in the competition in my region.
So the campaingning was not all for nothing.

zaterdag 23 februari 2019

Still campaigning for Emmy

It is a bit sillent on our webpage, but we did not have any dogshows since Rijssen, and in the meantime we are stil on a campaign with Emmy, for Mooiste Hond van Nederland, (Most beautifull dog in the Netherlands)
Last Tuesday there was a score and Emmy was on second place in our area, but we want the first place ofcourse.

So I really hope everyone still wants to vote on the link www.mooistehond.nl/emmy-schettens
Emmy has as you could read in the last post her own webpage, and it seems people really like to read those fun and informational posts, so I might even try to translate those posts later on if the contest is closed.

If you like you can check out Emmy's personal page over here www.emmymooistehond.blogspot.nl

And here are a few fun pictures of some things we did the last few weeks with Emmy as the leading dog!!!

watching the rough collies at Westminster dog show

Busy bee

a visit with nominee miss Teen beauty

Valentine's day

zaterdag 9 februari 2019

Emmy nominated for the most beautifull dog in the Netherlands

So we are in a contest, my dad decided to enter Emmy in a picture contest called, "de mooiste hond van Nederland"
At first we tought it was only a Facebook like and win contest, but it is way more then that. I have to convince people in the Netherlands they need to vote for Emmy.
That means I have to "campain" her.
I saw that many people are doing that by telling the local newspaper that they have a beautifull dog, but I don't like to do that.
Emmy is a carefully bred purebred dog. Her breeders took much care in selecting for not only pretty animals, but also caring for health and temperament.
Because I think a purebred dog from respectable breeders should Always include health and temperament aswell as beauty.

It is a bit sad that only people from the Netherlands can vote, but I hope we will get many votes and make Emmy the most beautifull dog in the Netherlands, and make sure that purebred dogs are getting a little more positivity.

So for everyone in the Netherlands, go to Emmy's personal webpage


And if you want to go and vote click the link below


zondag 27 januari 2019

2 best of breeds in Rijssen

Yesterday we went to the funmatch in Rijssen, I never went there and I was just curious, so we went there.
Mr Gerard Jipping was judging the collies and the borzois.
And I'm very happy that Lucky got Best of Breed and Anna also got Best of Breed.
Anna also got reserve Best in group.
Altough this was my least favourite showsite ever, I'm very content with the results we got.

KC Winterswijk, super succes

We Always start our show year in Winterswijk at the funmatch.
This year I chose Anna, Vivien and Lucky to come and compeat.
Anna was judged by ms Jos Dekker and she got excellent 1 Best of Breed and she won the group aswel.
The collies where judged by ms Ilona Onstenk and she is always ready for some great comments. I really like how she tries to explain things and make me do my job better.
Vivien was being super exited and slightly coming into coat so she got excellent 1 BOS, but Lucky was looking so dashing he made it Best of Breed and he also got Best in group.
Thanks judges for this super nice day

Hond van het Jaar 2018

A little late update, but I needed to wait for the pictures and we did a lot of showing in januari.
It started januari 13th.
Anna won the Borzoi Specialty in 2018 so she was invited to Hond van het jaar 2018.
It is a very special show with dogs going on a runway instead of a normal breed ring. The dogs are judged against group competitors.
To be on this show is very special and we did not make the selection, but we where really exited to be there.

Enjoy the pictures

zondag 23 december 2018

Dita wins on Christmas show

Yesterday december 22 we went to Venray for the Christmas show. We entered Lucky, Star and Dita and we did great again.
Lucky got excellent 2, Star excellent 1 and Dita topped it of, with excellent 1 CAC best Veteran and Best of Breed, we are so proud she did it, with her age of 9 years she just beat all the youngsters.

Dita moved super in the breedring, but even after the veteran ring she did not get tired a bit after going in the mainring again for the groups.
Our Judge was mr Dick Rutten and we are very happy with our results.

See you all next year in the rings again